A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of sass! I work to help people help themselves and that's the only work I wish to do. Over 20 years of experience in programs focused on advocacy, project management, program design, implementation and evaluations in the health, education, art, culture, and technology sectors--for people, with people, for the man, here, there, and everywhere. I hope to prove that anything is possible if you put your mind to it with a good group of people and a healthy dose of bad ideas. Sifting through them in search of a diamond in the rough is how I choose to spend my days.

Currently conjuring up crazy projects with my partners in crime, with the goal of getting amazing ideas funded and out into the world. Most importantly, building a world of equity and beauty for all.

nive das

multimedia storyteller. do-gooder.  midnight dancer.


James is a film-maker and journalist with over 10 years in the
business. He studied at Cardiff University before becoming a
reporter/producer/news-editor/tea boy at ITV Wales. For more than 5 years James produced global news content in Al Jazeera's international newsroom in Doha, Qatar. His work reached millions of viewers. Forming The Monsoon Diaries in Nepal has been the realisation of a long term-ambition to tell stories with passion and integrity. It's a way to step outside the confines of the news industry and tell stories that reflect the lives of everyday extraordinary people.


When he's not making films he's making electronic beats and mostly would rather be on a boat somewhere.

james wolley

filmaker. yogi. journalist. musician at heart.


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I was born and raised in Nepal, a country with lots of cultural and natural beauty, and one flourishing and friendly society. I love arts and culture, and have spent 8 years working on editing and photography. Prior to this, I helped to found a non-profit in Nepal aimed at educating Nepali street children for 5 years. I recently began collaborating with The Monsoon Diaries, a collective of digital artists. With this collective I co-produced several news pieces for Nepal Traveller and most recently the Olympic Channel. In addition, I worked on videos for the 70 Year anniversary for the US Embassy of Nepal, and several Election Commission videos (in-production). In addition I helped produce protest jumpsuits for the Brick x Brick anti-mysogny campaigns, a music video/stop motion production, Paper Lanterns, for The Wu-Force; and a music video/stop motion production, Pretty Child, for Fuzzy Logic. 

sunil shrestha

       photo editor. gfx. footballer. lover.  

Tahachal, Kathmandu was where I was born and raised, playing with graphics is how I spend most of my days.

I love create beautiful designs that are relatable to all people, and that communicate important messages to society. I want to bring these messages to life. 


I am a photographer and a budding filmmaker. After spending several years in the editing and graphics industry in Nepal I have branched out to work on several highly successful stop motion animation collaborations. Projects included a 70 Year anniversary video for the US Embassy of Nepal and several Election Commission videos (in-production) for the US Embassy in Nepal.  Recently, I co-produced pieces with The Monsoon Diaries, a collective of digital artists. Projects included, Bhariya, a profile of the life of a Nepali porter, and Sisters of the Extreme Underground Metal Society of Nepal, a look at how this music genre is helping to empower women in a patriarchal, caste driven society (in-production).

I enjoy traveling, and am obsessed with finding new music to listen to. So I want to relate the music I love to the art I produce and find new ways to explore the world in beautiful ways.

As I am a fun loving person. I simply want to work, live and make the environment full of joy and happiness for everyone. Plus I love a cats.

pooja bajracharya

       photo editor. gfx. music junkie. cool cat .  

I completed my MBBS from China in Mandarin and also received a Masters degree in International Public Health from the University of Sydney. 

I am currently working as a Technical Advisor with AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Nepal (AHF). I have worked in variety of roles in the health and development sectors in China, Australia and Nepal.  

I speak 6 languages and am currently working on my 7th. I love to mountain bike and love to explore and take photos.


I've been working with The Monsoon Diaries for several months helping to unearth the stories of the people at the heart of the projects here in Nepal. 

kisu rawal       

doctor. researcher. fixer. mountain biker. cutie patootie.  


srizu bajracharya        

writer. translator. historian. aspiring foodie .  

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